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Microsoft beats on sales and earnings as Azure growth outpaces expectations

Preview: Microsoft beat across the board as it benefits from an accounting change to the way it deprecates server equipment.

Dow falls more than 200 points as coronavirus cases continue to rise, tech shares lift Nasdaq

Preview: The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 fell as the coronavirus continues to batter the U.S. ahead of next week's presidential election.

Covid hospitalizations rising in 36 states as U.S. hits another record for average new cases

Preview: "I think hospitals are going to be very, very stressed this fall and winter," Dr. Bill Schaffner, an epidemiologist at Vanderbilt University, said in a phone interview.

Chipmakers AMD and Nvidia are using skyrocketing stock prices to make industry's biggest acquisitions

Preview: In a period of just over six weeks, two of the three largest semiconductor acquisitions ever have been announced, though regulatory risks remain.

Health care workers in Michigan criticize Trump's rally amid record Covid cases

Preview: "We are extremely concerned that the President's rallies will affect people in our communities,"

Reddit won't lower employee pay if they move out of high-cost cities like San Francisco

Preview: The social media company will also allow employees to work remotely.

SpaceX prices Starlink satellite internet service at $99 per month, according to e-mail

Preview: SpaceX is expanding the beta test of its Starlink satellite internet service, according to emails seen by CNBC, with service priced at $99 a month.

Biden holds a big lead over Trump, but race could tighten, according to CNBC All America Survey

Preview: Biden leads President Trump 51% to 40%, a 2-point increase from the June poll and 6 points better than in April.

New retirement bill has perks for seniors, student loan borrowers

Preview: A House bill proposed Tuesday would raise the age for required minimum distributions to 75 and let workers repaying student loans get a 401(k) match even if they're not saving in a workplace plan.

Crucial Covid vaccine data expected from Pfizer this week now unlikely to come before U.S. election

Preview: The board, which will assess whether its trial with German drugmaker BioNTech has been successful, has not conducted an interim efficacy analysis yet, Pfizer said.

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Don't believe the polls — Trump is winning

Preview: Who responds to pollsters depends on many factors, including the medium (e.g., landline versus cellphone), the location, the sample size and demographic factors.

Trump says stimulus deal will happen after election

Preview: President Trump acknowledged Tuesday that an agreement on a coronavirus relief stimulus package would not materialize until after Election Day, but predicted that a deal would be reached.Speaking to reporters at th...

Cruz: Hunter Biden attacks don't move 'a single voter'

Preview: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) says he doesn't think that President Trump's attacks on Hunter Biden will move even one voter.Cruz told Jonathan Swan of Axios in an interview that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden'...

Early voting trends show Democrats falling short in 3 of 4 battlegrounds

Preview: The fact that Republicans were knocking on a million doors a week compared to none for Biden until the final weeks will result in Republicans winning election day by millions of votes. So far the Democrats have not built...

White House science office says Trump ended COVID-19 pandemic as US hits record cases

Preview: The White House science office listed "ending the COVID-19 pandemic" as the top accomplishment of President Trump's first term, even as the U.S. has set records for new daily infections and numerous hospitals across...

Chicago police say woman stabbed store employee 27 times after being asked to wear mask

Preview: The Chicago Police Department said a woman stabbed a store employee 27 times while another woman held him by the hair after they were asked to wear a face mask inside a store.The attack occurr...

Former postal worker charged in dumping of absentee ballots

Preview: Federal officials charged a former United States Postal Service employee for allegedly discarding more than 100 absentee ballots being sent to voters, as well as other mail, earlier this month.DeShawn Bojgere of Lo...

Trump calls Fox 'disappointing' for airing Obama speech

Preview: President Trump bashed Fox News repeatedly on Tuesday, agitated that the network was airing a campaign speech from former President Obama.The president expressed his displeasure with the network's programming decis...

NBC moves Texas to 'toss-up' in presidential race

Preview: NBC News has moved Texas, which hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1976, from "lean Republican" to "toss-up," underscoring the close race between President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden for the Lone...

Lincoln Project warns of third Trump term in new ad

Preview: Prominent anti-Trump Republican group The Lincoln Project warns in its latest ad of a potential third term for President Trump if he is reelected next week. The one-minute video was posted to Twi...

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Preview: Track outbreaks in US

Top 50 shows to watch

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Firefighters hope for a break in the wind as 2 wildfires burn in California's Orange County; 90,000 remain evacuated

Preview: Winds had already dropped enough that 14 water-dropping helicopters could go to work again

Keith Raniere, founder of cult-like group NXIVM, sentenced to 120 years in prison

Preview: NXIVM founder Keith Raniere was sentenced Tuesday to 120 years in prison for his role in leading a criminal enterprise that included a cult-like group.

Voter intimidation is surging in 2020. Fight for the right that begets all other rights.

Preview: We have received more than 100,000 calls to our Election Protection hotline, giving us extraordinary insight into the intimidation voters face this year.

Election Day is in 7 days. Here's when we might know a winner and how each candidate could claim victory

Preview: As officials count absentee ballots in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, the Sun Belt could have a fuller picture on election night.

'I heard a YES': Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are engaged

Preview: Blake Shelton took to Twitter Tuesday to reveal he'd proposed to girlfriend Gwen Stefani. She said "yes."

New Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett could have immediate impact on American democracy

Preview: It won't take long for Republicans to learn if Barrett is the reliable conservative upon whom they raced to bestow a seat on the Supreme Court.

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AMD Agrees to Buy Rival Chip Maker Xilinx for $35 Billion

Preview: Advanced Micro Devices plans to buy rival chip maker Xilinx in a $35 billion deal, adding momentum to the consolidation of the semiconductor industry that has only accelerated during the pandemic.

Facebook's Public Policy Chief in India Steps Down

Preview: Ankhi Das had opposed applying hate-speech rules to a politician from the ruling Hindu nationalist party, along with at least three other individuals and groups flagged internally for promoting or participating in violence.

Caterpillar, 3M Flag Falling Sales to Businesses

Preview: Results from industrial giants Caterpillar and 3M show demand from commercial customers is on shaky ground as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt work routines and commerce.

Eli Lilly Earnings, Halted Covid-19 Drug Trial Disappoint Investors

Preview: The drugmaker reported lower-than-expected quarterly earnings due to pricing pressure on top products. It said it would proceed with plans to introduce a new coronavirus antibody treatment despite a recent setback.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: A Hands-Off CEO in a Time of Turmoil

Preview: The CEO, who splits his time between two companies, delegates most major business decisions in part so he can pursue his personal passions—including an intense curiosity about others. His management style now faces one of its biggest tests.

Struggling Rental Market Could Usher in Next American Housing Crisis

Preview: Fallout from missed rent payments is threatening a large swath of the U.S population, as the expiration of eviction bans draws near.

U.S. Home-Price Growth Accelerated in August

Preview: The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller National Home Price Index, which measures average home prices in major metropolitan areas across the nation, rose 5.7% in the year that ended in August.

Durable-Goods Orders Rise for Fifth Consecutive Month

Preview: Orders for long-lasting factory goods increased in September, the latest sign manufacturing companies are rebounding from supply-chain disruptions and shutdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic.

South Korean Economy Returns to Growth

Preview: South Korea’s gross domestic product rose 1.9% during the July-to-September period from the previous quarter, shaking off the pandemic’s worst effects.

Foreign Investment Plummets During Pandemic, Except in China

Preview: Foreign direct investment in China largely held steady during the first half of this year, in a fresh sign that the world’s second-largest economy has suffered less damage from the pandemic.